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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
The Advanced SCSI Processor (CY-ASP) allows two or more tape drives to work together to maximize speed and capacity while saving time and resources. It is a powerful and flexible tool, yet very easy to use. The CY-ASP connects to a single SCSI bus and can appear to the host as a single SCSI device, separate drives with different SCSI ID's, or as multiple LUN's on one SCSI ID. Each drive has its own status LCD, featuring an intuitive, user-friendly menu which guides users through mode settings. Current settings are displayed to eliminate guesswork and/or cumbersome menu scrolling, and are retained even after a power outage.

With the CY-ASP, you can choose from striping, mirroring, cascade, independent, and off-line copy/verify modes to maximize throughput, add fault tolerance, or make duplicate tapes for off-site storage or data exchange. You can easily change modes without having to cycle power.

  • Makes tape duplication fast and efficient
  • Provides fault tolerant operation
  • Features offline copy and verify functions
  • Supports 2-7 drives
  • User-friendly, intuitive menu lets you select operating mode, density, compression, and SCSI ID without cycling power
  • iVIEW display for each drive provides real-time status information
  • Features built-in hardware diagnostics

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Striping mode:

Increase both capacity and throughput by interleaving to multiple tape drives, keeping each drive streaming at maximum speed. The CY-ASP accepts much higher data streams for the fastest backup and data acquisition applications. Just as RAID striping revolutionized disk speed, CY-ASP offers the same benefits in writing to tape.

Mirroring mode:

The high performance processor writes duplicate originals in the same time it takes to write the data once, for off-site storage or data exchange. Mirrored backup has the added benefit of fault tolerance – a media failure on one tape will not stop your backup operation.

Cascade mode:

Backup continues on the next tape once the previous tape is full for increased unattended tape backup capacity, even if your software does not support tape spanning. Set to finish with EOT on the last drive in the cascade set or for continuous cascade restarting at drive one if the tape has been changed. Supports both seamless tape sets and independent tape sets depending on software requirements.

Offline copy/verify:

Copies the contents of one tape to another at maximum speed, and compares tapes to ensure that they are identical. A block by block copy of a master to a blank tape without host intervention means perfect tape duplication regardless of the source – even supports block sizes of up to 512k. And, the CY-ASP subsystem does not even need to be connected to a computer system at all to duplicate tapes.

Independent mode:

Each tape drive can operate completely independently and simultaneously so you can even backup with one drive while you restore with another. Supports separate SCSI ID's or Logical Unit Numbers (LUN's).

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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
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