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iSCSI Disk Based Storage

iVIEW is a network attached status display feature to monitor your tape backup status from any system on the network. Now our classic status LCD is better than ever, giving you a clear view of your backup from anywhere on your network – you can even keep an eye on your tape backup job from home.

iVIEW is a standard feature with all iTape products, and is an option available for most of our direct attached SCSI devices. Simply connect your Cybernetics tape drive with iVIEW to your Ethernet network, and view the backup status window from any system on your entire network – intranet and internet, using any web browser. Use your Backup Window to check the status of your tape backup any time, anywhere.

  • Command Under Execution
  • Tape Position
  • Compression Ratio
  • Tape Remaining
  • Transfer Rate
  • ECC Rate

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Storage Area Network (SAN) Disk Storage
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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
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