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Network Disk Storage

Please select a SAN storage model based on your performance needs.

Configurations are available with multiple levels of redundancy to meet
any storage demand and budget. Call today, and let one of our experienced
Technical Representatives help you find the right solution for your
company's demanding storage needs.
Storage Area Network (SAN) Disk Storage
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Dual Controller SAN
iSAN® 1224
Powerful Storage Solutions - 100,000 IOPS at 200 Mb/s; 2GbE Ports
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Dual Controller SAN
iSAN® 3216
Dual controller Storage Solution - 300,000 IOPS at 500 MB/s; 4GbE Ports
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Dual Controller SAN
iSAN® 5216
Enterprise Dual Controller Storage - 500,000 IOPS at 1.2 GB/s; 8GbE Ports
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NAS Gateway
The iNAS is a sleek 1U Windows file server module that extends support for Windows Active Directory, DFS, CIFS and NFS to iSAN® Series models.
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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
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