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Cybernetics products are fully backed by the best technical support in the business, and a range of hardware service levels to provide prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

On Site Services


If an issue cannot be resolved over the phone, our On-Site Services will provide a qualified technician at your location, depending on which service plan you have chosen. This is provided in conjunction with our Priority Exchange advance-replacement hardware service (below).
24-7 with 4-hour response
If needed, a service technician can be there within four hours, including nights and weekends, even holidays.
Same Business Day ( SBD )
We can arrange a technician to be there within 4 hours the same day between 8am and 5pm.
Next Business Day ( NBD )
We'll send a technician to your site the next business day between 8am and 5pm.
On Site Parts Advanced Replacement

ON-SITE PARTS Advance Replacement

When you need a part fast, our advance replacement plans deliver via air express.
Priority Exchange
For fastest parts delivery, Cybernetics offers an advance-replacement service for all parts. This includes hot-swappable components such as power supplies, disk drives, controller modules, or even an entire chassis if needed. Cybernetics will ship the replacement part via air express for delivery by 10:30am the next business day. Instructions are provided to return the original part separately.
Component Level Exchange
This service plan will advance-ship hot-swappable components such as power supplies, disk drives, and controller modules when needed. Once the component cost is secured, we ship it via air express for delivery by 10:30am the next business day. The original part is returned separately; instructions are provided.
On Site Parts Advanced Replacement

FACTORY REPAIR Depot Maintenance

Cost-effective ways to keep your system going strong even with a tight budget. -or- Cost-effective ways to get your system back in operation even with a tight budget.
Express Depot
This is a low-cost expedited-service program that covers all costs for normal equipment repairs, including all parts and labor, at our depot. We provide you with return authorization instructions, and once the part is received we repair or replace as needed, then we ship it back for delivery by 10:30am next business day at our expense.
Standard Depot
This is our basic and lowest-cost return-to-factory service that covers the cost of your equipment repairs, both parts and labor. Once you have return authorization and ship to us, we handle the repair at no additional cost to you, including return shipping. Typical turnaround time is three to five days in our service facility.
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Storage Area Network (SAN) Disk Storage
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