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miSAN® V Series

Scalable Virtual Tape Library

Faster Backups With Disk And Tape

iSCSI Disk Based Storage

The miSAN V Series Virtual Tape Library with integrated LTO tape drive combines everything you need for D2D2T VTL backup in a compact 2U. Once installed on the network, use your existing backup software to backup data from heterogeneous workstations and servers to multiple virtual tapes at once – for the fastest possible backup. Data remains in disk cache for near-instantaneous restore. When it's time to offload data for long time archival storage, it's a serverless operation with no impact on your network – and with 2.5 TB on a single cartridge, it's incredibly cost-effective.

Consolidates all your backups cost effectively
  • Single control point for all backups across any mix of operating systems including IBM i, p and x Series, Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware, and MAC OS X.

Easily utilize your existing tape backup software
  • So there are no new procedures to learn or new software to purchase.

Cut your backup time by 90% or more
  • With tape virtualization you can write backups to multiple virtual tapes drives concurrently, at disk-to-disk speeds of up to 500 MB/s.

Reduce backup space by 95% with deduplication
  • Optional deduplication will save time and space needed for backups, a 500 GB backup would need less than 10 GB of space. Includes site-to-site replication of deduplicated data.

Supports up to 6 simultaneous systems or partitions
  • Each writing in parallel to its own virtual tape drive/library, and unlimited virtual tapes with each one.

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Hot Swap Disk Drive Bays 6
Disk Drives SATA
Connectivity Standard: 4GbE and 4 Mini-SAS device/host ports
(+ iSCSI management port)
Optional: 4 additional GbE ports, or two 10-gigabit Ethernet (SFP+), or two or four SCSI
Integrated Tape  LTO-6
Integrated Tape Capacity 2.5 TB native, up to 5 TB with compression
Scalable 1 controller unit plus 7 expansion units
Transfer Rate Up to 500 MB/s ( 1.8 TB/hr )
RAID Levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 60, 50 + Hot Spare
Physical Dimensions 2U Rackmount
26.2" x 16.9" x 3.5"
Please allow 3" for cable clearance
Multi-Platform Support IBM System i, p, Legacy AS/400, Windows, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, Netware, MAC OS X
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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
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