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Advanced Caching

Higher performance with larger managed cache, advanced intelligent writing and predictive reads.

All of Cybernetics' storage solutions employ advanced intelligent caching by default. All I/O is optimized for reading/writing with a dynamically self-tuning algorithm. Originally engineered to reduce latency with IDE drives in the 1990s, this technology has adapted over the years to benefit SATA, SAS and now SSD.

Proven superior architecture outperforms any comparably configured systems.

  • Intelligent algorithms effectively use cache to manage all I/O - both read and write operations.
  • More efficient I/O management delivers better performance across all disk drive configurations.
  • Performance for data in cache ranges from 60,000 IOPS up to 700,000 IOPS depending on model.

Give 7200RPM disk drives SSD-like performance. Get the capacity and performance your applications demand cost-effectively.

Enhance the endurance and performance of SSD drives; eliminate write issues associated with wear-leveling.

Speed up access and remove complexity by not using frivolous data movement algorithms; prevents I/O blender effects.

RAID Controller
Cache Buffer
Disks In Array

Intelligent Algorithm
I/O Dedicated
RAM Cache
Disks In Array
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