Snapshot Backup

Snapshots are the first line of defense in any good data protection strategy.

  • Perfect image of the virtual disk at a previous point in time
  • Mountable as a read only volume for file recovery, operations or reporting
  • Mountable as a live volume to turn back the clock
  • Efficient snapshots - only changed, deduplicated blocks
  • User selects size of snapshot area
  • 3 methods: time scheduled, on-demand / manual, changed-data threshold

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Tape Backup

Tape provides off-site and long-term retention.

  • Any tape drive or library can be attached
  • Full image backup from any point-in-time snapshot
  • Requires no backup software, licensing, or backup server
  • Background copy - no operational disruption
  • Data on tape retains original format & is independently restorable
  • Directly-attached devices involve no network traffic (SAS ports)
  • Can specify which slots to use on tape libraries
  • Copy will span tapes if required
  • Backup can be scheduled or performed on-demand

Portable Disk Backup

Quick, portable disk copies are invaluable for data accessibility.

  • Copy any virtual disk to attached USB or eSATA disk
  • Copy from any point-in-time using snapshot
  • Data on disk retains same format as the original virtual disk
  • Resulting disk is a mountable volume
  • Background copy - no operational disruption
  • Supports multiple disks, spanning, and encryption on disk
  • Directly-attached devices involve no network traffic
  • Copy can be initiated on-demand or scheduled

Advanced Intelligent Caching

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