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CY-TLL-340 - Compatible - Affordable - Secure
Cybernetics offers a stackable LTO tape that grows with your company the CY-TLL-340. Each expansion is available with LTO drives -or- simply use for storing an additional 40 tapes each. A single robot will manage all modules in the stack allowing for a grow-as-you-go functionality.
CY-TLL-340 Specifications
Product Title CY-TLL-340
System Type 3U
Scalability Base Module + 6 Expansion Modules280 Tape Cartidges Total
Network Interface FC / SAS
Data Buffer 512 MB
Mtbf 100 Duty Cycle 250,000 Hours
Tape Slots 40
Tape Drives 1 - 3
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High Performance
Whether you choose a single or dual drive desktop, or an automated tape library, LTO-8 will deliver the backup performance you need now, while maintaining read/write compatibility with LTO-7.
Wide Compatibility
Cybernetics LTO Tape Solutions are compatible with virtually every host and operating system, and are available with optional features you cannot get anywhere else.
Introducing iVIEW
iView is a feature on our LTO Tape Backups that lets you monitor backup jobs from any workstation on the network, or even from home.
Vast Scalability
Dual drive configurations can take advantage of the Advanced SCSI Processor for striping, mirroring, cascade, independent, and off-line copy verify modes.
Convenient and Effortless
When used with iSAN Virtual Tape Libraries, you have a high performance D2D2T (Disk to Disk to Tape) solution with serverless offload to tape.
Premium Security
When your data is backed up to tape, there is a network "Air Gap" between your precious data and various online attackers. Your data is isolated from ransomware and viruses that could compromise your financial viability.
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