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Whether you are looking for minimal rackspace allotment or the smallest HA footprint, Cybernetics' high performance all-flash 4520 is the solution you can trust - all at 1U.
iSAN 4520 Series All-Flash Specifications
Product Title iSAN 4520 Series All-Flash
Disk Drive Bays 20
Transfer Rate Up to 2 GB/s
Controllers 1
Disk Types SSD
System Type 1U Half Rackmount
Scalability 1 Controller Unit + 2 Expansion Units
Raid Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
Network Interface 1U 20 Bay Models: (2ct) 1 GbE Ports, (2ct) 12 Gb/s SAS Ports, (1ct) USB 3.0 Port
Optional: 10 GbE, 40Gb
Performance Up To 1,000,000 IOPS
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Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware, and OSx. Certified for VMware, Citrix, XEN, and Hyper V.
Highly secure 256-bit AES Encryption with no performance loss.
Snapshots provide quick access to previous versions of data.
Fully restorable backups at each site using less bandwidth.
Scale-Up Performance
Increase performance to higher performing models easily with controller upgrades.
Scale-Out Capacity
Easily expand SSD and/or SAS storage using expansion cabinet.
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