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8 1U SSD Solution

iSAN® 6140 160 TB SSD only 1U

Cybernetics' revolutionary iSAN® 6140 SSD model provides a large 160 TB capacity of SSD storage in a small, space-saving, and energy-saving architecture. iSAN® 6140 SSD combines fast read/write performance and access time with the exceptional reliability of Solid State Disk. Only Cybernetics delivers a SAN with layers of data protection on-board - and no dedicated backup server or third party backup software required.

Certified on VMware, Citrix, Veeam, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 2012 Server

Failover Ready Appliance

160 TB SSD only 1U
SSD bays 40
Scalable 1 head unit + 1 expansion or HA Pair
Transfer Rate 4 GB/s
RAID Levels 0,1,5,6,10
Controllers 1 (2 with High Availability Pair)
Dedicated I/O Cache 96 GB
Network Interface Standard:

Four (4) 1 GbE Ports

One (1) SAS Expansion Port

Two (2) USB Ports

One (1) eSATA Port


10 GbE (SFP+)

10GBaseT (RJ45)

40 GbE

8G Fibre Channel

16G Fibre Channel
Power Supply Dual Redundant 1000w
Electrical 47-63 Hz 15A
Physical Dimensions 27" L x 16.9" W x 1.75" H

Easy To Use

Cybernetics SANs are easy to install, connect, operate, and manage with a simple but powerful graphical user interface. On-line help is provided along with step-by-step guidance.

Saves Money

Cybernetics iSAN® models include enterprise-class features like snapshots and replication that are either costly or not available on some other products.

High-Speed Operations

Cybernetics SANs are designed to deliver the highest performance. A large high-speed cache dedicated to I/O operations and custom optimization algorithms combine to achieve impressive IOPS. Management displays show performance metrics for the SAN and individual volumes.

Fast Connections

To ensure data is moved to and from the SAN quickly, multiple 1Gb Ethernet ports are standard. 10GbE , SAS, and 8Gb FC ports are available. The SAN supports multi-path redundancy and load balancing through industry-standard protocols. Jumbo frames are supported for more efficient data transfer.


Cybernetics iSAN® is an effective solution in a wide variety of roles, from volume storage to supporting heavy-duty applications and databases. It is an ideal platform for VDI deployments.


If your data storage needs grow, just add drives to dynamically expand capacity without downtime. Add lower-cost expansion arrays for scalability.

Flexible Configurations

Cybernetics iSAN® supports tiered storage with any number of disk drive types, speed, and capacity. Choose standard disks or cost-effective SSDs. Mix and match drives and RAID sets in the same chassis. Chassis up to 24 bays are available.


iSAN® works with Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware, and OSx. Certified for VMware, Citrix XEN, and Hyper V.

Snapshot Data Protection

Snapshots provide quick access to previous versions of data. Snapshots are configured per volume on a timed schedule, on demand, or when data changes reach a size threshold you set. They are highly efficient, storing only a single instance of each changed block.

Remote Data Replication

Cybernetics iSANs can protect your data with off-site replication - automated, deduplicated, and encrypted - to another unit anywhere. Replication is configured individually for each volume, and multi-site replication is supported. Replication uses efficient snapshot technology, so it is bandwidth-friendly.

Local Data Self Protection

Cybernetics iSAN® can make local copies of any virtual disk to directly-attached disk or tape devices, with no additional licensing or software. These full-image backup operations execute as a background task, on demand or scheduled. This can supplement or even replace expensive backup solutions.

Space Management

To keep up with increasing demands for data, you can dynamically expand virtual storage space allocation instantly, as needed. You can also perform copying and cloning of data within the system.


iSAN® includes multiple hot-swappable components and your choice of three levels of redundancy depending on needs and budget. Linked pairs provide automatic fail-over between chassis for true no single point of failure operation.

Access and Data Security

System administration requires a password, and you can secure access to local and remote sites through CHAP. IP address constraints can be used to control connectivity access to any virtual disk volume.


Cybernetics provides the best support in the industry with lifetime unlimited U.S. headquarters-based technical support for as long as you own the equipment, regardless of the status of the hardware warranty. Extended hardware support plans are available, including on-site service.

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