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The Powerful, Enterprise Level Backup Solution
The iSAN v6140 Series Virtual Tape Library is powerful enterprise-class All Flash backup solution that delivers all the benefits of virtualization, data deduplication, and flash level performance at a surprisingly competitive price.
iSAN v6140 All-Flash Specifications
Product Title iSAN v6140 All-Flash
Disk Drive Bays 40
Full Backup Up to 50 TB
Transfer Rate Up to 14.4 TB/Hr
Virtual Tape Libraries 16
Virtual Tape Count Unlimited
Controllers 1, Non-Upgradable
Disk Types SSD
Raw Unit Capacity 160 TB
Raw Expandable Capacity Up to 4 PB
System Type 1U Rackmount
Standard Connectivity 1GbE (x4), USB 3.0 (x4) eSATA (x1)
Optional Connectivity 1
Scalability 1 Controller Unit + 2 Expansion Units
Raid Levels 0, 5, 6
Network Interface Standard: Four 1 GbE ports, Two USB 2.0 ports
Optional Slots: 2
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Lightning Fast
Backup And Restore
Powerful - Execute Backups As Fast As Your Systems Can Go
Capable - Back Up Multiple LPARs and Systems Simultaneously
Faster Restores - Restore Backups From Your VTL At Top Speed
Consistent - Backups And Restores Do Not Slow Down With More Data
Off-Site Replication
Fast - Even With Limited Bandwidth
Practical - Fully Restorable Backups At Each Site
Efficient - Minimize Cost and Volume Of Communications
Dependable - Meet Recovery Time Objectives
Powerful Deduplication
High Performance - Fastest Backups With Separate Deduplication Processes
Accessible - Several Weeks Of Backups At Your Fingertips
Effortless - Automatic Backups, No Manual Operation Required
Encrypt Sensitive Data
Encrypted - Data On Your VTL Is 256-bit AES Encrypted To Protect Against Misuse Or Theft
Fail-Proof - Data Stored On Tapes, Even If Encryption Fails
True Security - Encryption And Decryption Both Require A Physical Token and Password
Scale Up - Scale Out
Modular - In-Place Upgrades To Higher Performing Models
Expandable - Add SSD, SAS, Or SATA drives As Needed
Scalable - Add Expansion Cabinets As Needed
Flexible Connectivity Options
Standards - iSCSI - SCSI
Storage - SATA - SAS - SSD
Network - Ethernet - Fiber Channel
& Many More
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