High Performance Data Storage And Backup Solutions

Powerful Features Through An Intuitive, Easy To Use Interface.

Cybernetics' powerful GUI will simplify your SAN storage management with secure access to settings and features of your SAN storage unit from any IP address you allow. Configure storage settings, add virtual disks and virtual disk users conveniently and quickly through easy to navigate options. Built-in data protection features make it easy to keep your data safe with tape and disk offloads and snapshot support. Cybernetics Graphical User Interface is a powerful tool for insuring that data is safe and accessible.

System Monitoring

Easily manage and monitor your data storage process with visible verification of RAID arrays, hot spares, available disks and physical disk location.

Increase RAID array capacity, without user interruption, by simply adding physical disk drives to existing RAID arrays.

Convert RAID levels to change your data strategy while providing continued access to users with zero data loss.

Dashboard Monitoring

Cybernetics' Dashboard management presents a visual display of Virtual LUNs, users, and performance metrics that gives IT managers the necessary tools to efficiently manage storage, resulting in lower operational and administrative costs. System Administrators can access the iSAN® Dashboard through a browser - based graphical user interface that makes initial configuration, and day-to-day management easy.

In addition, all Cybernetics iSAN® Series have a Rapid Support Ticket option which provides email notification of system status to Cybernetics support and a selected list of administrators. The Rapid Support Ticket is a non-intrusive alerting method that enable proactive technical support when needed.

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