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iSAN® v4000 Series- VTL

iSAN V2-Series

Virtual Tape Library

This iSAN® v4000 Series Virtual Tape Library is powerful, enterprise class virtual backup appliance delivering Up to 24 disk drive bays of virtual tape capacity. Utilizing your existing backup software, it consolidates backup across any mix of operating systems, including legacy SCSI and SAS host systems. Writing in parallel data streams to up to 16 virtual tape drives simultaneously - with performance of up to 2.4 GB/s - the iSAN® v4000 Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding backup applications.

Certified on VMware, Citrix, Veeam, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 2012 Server

Disk Based Backup

iSAN® v4124S iSAN® v4124T
Disk Drive Bays 24 2.5" Bays 24 3.5" Bays
Disk Drive Type SSD SAS / SATA / SSD
Transfer Rate Up to 2.4 GB/s
Scalable 1 controller unit + 4 expansion units
Multi- Platform Support IBM System i,p, Legacy AS/400, Windows, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, Netware, MAC OSX
RAID Levels 0, 5, 6
System Type 3U Rackmount 4U Rackmount
Network Interface Standard: Two 1 GbE ports, Three USB 3.0 ports
Optional: 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, 8/16/32 FC, 12G SAS


Writing backup data disk-to-disk is much faster than writing direct to tape. Restores from virtual tape archives can be initiated instantaneously and also operate at disk speed. Our VTLs are capable of ingesting and storing backup at over 4 TB/hour.

Saves Time

You can execute multiple backup jobs concurrently to independent logical libraries to reduce overall backup time. The VTL copies backup data to tape as a background task without requiring use of your backup software. Directly attached tape devices involve no network traffic. Offload to tape is also efficient, operating at the rated speed of the tape drive.

Less Data

Advanced byte-level, hardware-based deduplication reduces the disk space needed to hold backup images. The space reduction is typically over 98% of the original size, giving you the ability to store more backups in less disk space. Thin-provisioning of virtual tapes also helps to minimize disk space usage. At typical data deduplication rates, a single VTL chassis can retain for immediate restore the equivalent of over 1,000 TB of backup storage in normal expanded form.

More Connectivity

Our VTLs offer more host and device interfaces than other systems- including iSCSI, SAS, and SCSI, 10 Gb Ethernet and Fiber Channel on the iSAN® V Series. We also have SCSI-to-iSCSI or SAS-to-iSCSI converters available so virtually any device can be connected.

Business Continuity/Replication

Our VTLs support replicating data to a remote location. replication of deduplicated data is feasible over even a modest bandwidth connection. The system automatically manages copies of data at the primary and replication site.


Use your existing tape backup processes, software, and equipment. We work with any standard tape drive or tape library for emulation and output of backup images. You can specify the output destination down to individual slots. Our VTLs can work with any existing architecture, even mixed operating environments concurrently.

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