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iSAN® V Series 2520  All Flash Array - High Performance VTL

iSAN 2520 SSD Solutions

Virtual Tape Library

This iSAN® V Series 2520 Virtual Tape Library is a powerful solution with up to 40 TB of raw, native capacity. Utilizing existing tape backup software, the iSAN® V Series VTL consolidates backup across any mix of operating systems with support for iSCSI, SAS, Fibre, and legacy SCSI host systems. Writing in sixteen concurrent, parallel data streams - with up to 14 TB/hr speeds - the iSAN® V Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding enterprise backup requirements. Available with a 10 GbE, Fibre Channel, or SCSI option, iSAN® V Series delivers all the benefits of virtualization, data deduplication, and performance at a surpisingly competitive price.

iSAN 2520, 4520
Certified on VMware, Citrix, Veeam, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 2012 Server

Disk Based Backup

iSAN® 2520
Disk Drive Bays 20
Scalable Up to 120TB
Transfer Rate 1 GB/s (Up to 3.6 TB/hr)
Deduplication/Replication Yes
Disk Drives 2TB Flash SSD
RAID Levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 60, 50 + hot spare
Virtualization Features 16 virtual tape drives/libraries (expandable), unlimited virtual tapes, offline archival support for tape libraries with 4 drives and 48 slots (expandable)
Cache 16 GB
System Type 1U half rackmount (2 units per 1U)
Network Connectivity Two 1GbE standard
Offload Connectivity One USB3, One eSATA
Power Supply 220w @ 100/240VAC
Electrical 47-63 Hz 16A
Power Consumption 220 watts max.
Heat Output 751 BTU/HR average

Scalability and Connectivity

Unlike tape, disk backup solutions are easy to scale. Add more capacity dynamically when needed. Our virtual tape libraries can be purchased with just the capacity you need today and as your data grows, more disk drives can be added into the enclosure and expansion cabinets.

Increase Reliability

By utilizing a fault tolerant design, backups and restores become redundant. Unlike tape drives, jobs do not easily fail. With RAID protection , redundant power supplies and multiple connections supported, your data is highly available when you need it.


Cybernetics' virtual tape libraries offer encryption "at rest" and "at flight". Backups stored on disk can be encrypted as well as data replicated. Offloads to attached tape and/or removable disk drives can also be encrypted.

Off-line Tape Archiving

Backups performed to a Cybernetics' virtual tape library can be offloaded to removable disk and/or tape. Multiple tape drives and libraries can be directly connected to the VTL via SAS/FC/iSCSI for off-line archiving. Unless encryption is used, tapes are not proprietary and can be restored using a tape drive and your regular backup software.

Faster Backup and Restore Speed

As your data grows, so does the backup window. By installing a virtual tape library, you can reduce the time it takes to protect your data. It's not atypical to see a twenty hour backup to tape take less than an hour with a VTL. Restoring your applications and data is faster as well. What takes seconds and minutes with a virtual tape library can take many hours/days with a physical tape library. With tape, traditionally one backup job is created per tape drive. Multi-threading different backup jobs to one tape drive is supported by some software packages but cripples your restore speed. Virtual tape libraries can emulate many tape drives. Simultaneous backup jobs to one VTL greatly enhance your backup performance without negatively impacting restore times.

Reduce or Eliminate Tape

Many corporations are looking to eliminate tape or greatly reduce their reliance on it by deploying virtual tape libraries. Technologies like deduplication and replication ensure you have multiple copies of your data in different geographic locations. You can store months to years worth of backups on cost-effective and redundant disk while needing less bandwith.

Lower the Cost of Backups and Archiving

Cybernetics' virtual tape libraries are among the most cost-effective solutions available. Not only is the cost of acquisition lower than our competitors, capacity expansions and warranty extensions are lower as well. With deduplication and replication, you can reduce the amount you pay for long term storage and recurring monthly bandwidth. You can also save time, money and headaches associated with managing backups.

Ease of Use

If you can use a tape drive and backup software, you can use our virtual tape library. With an easy "set it and forget it" interface installation is super fast, traditionally less than an hour. Managing multiple virtual libraries can be done with one tab in your web browser. And if you need any assistance, access to our technical support team is a phone call away.

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