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Associated Hygienic Products, LLC

"I will continue to push for our company to use Cybernetics products where applicable."

Associated Hygienic Products, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disposable Soft Goods International (DSG) and has rapidly become the 3rd largest manufacturer of disposable baby diapers and training pants in North America. Justin Jayjohn is the Network Administrator for AHP and uses ARCServe in conjunction with a Cybernetics tape library. Jayjohn wrote in to say this about Cybernetics' tech support and customer service:

"I wanted to send you a note about the excellent customer service I received from [your support rep] Trent. I had been struggling with ARCServe support to figure out why my full backup was not working. And with Trent, I found out my backup was too large for one physical tape. So Trent configured my tape library to allow my backup to span two physical tapes.

"While Trent was working on this configuration change, I spoke with him about my backup issue. Trent offered to take a look at my ARCServe backup job. Now I know this is not your company's main line of business. He figured out the problem that I had been working on with ARCServe for several weeks. I had stressed to him I had not gotten a successful full weekly backup in several weeks.

"Long story short, this past weekend my full Sunday backup job ran and copied to tape just as Trent explained it would. I am very thankful for Trent's assistance. He helped me out very much in a time of need. I will continue to push for our company to use Cybernetics products where applicable. It is great customer service from Trent that tells me I want to continue to purchase products from your company."

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