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Practicare Medical Management

Cybernetics is the Best in Backup - our customers back that up.

Practicare Medical Management, Inc. was established in 1988, with a mission to provide healthcare professionals with medical billing expertise and Accounts Receivable management services. With 14 servers and regular 1.2TB backups, speed and efficiency are key.

As Information Systems Customer Support Coordinator with nearly 20 years of experience, Jim Lamb understands the importance of reliability and security when handling client data, and particularly with sensitive medical and financial information. The Cybernetics solution replaced Practicare's tape library with disk, providing smoother backups and restores. "[We] no longer have to rely on the tape library. We only have to buy one type of tape instead of one set for the tape library and one for the A/S 400."

And implementation was a breeze: says Lamb, "Your support staff was quite helpful and patient. Thank you for that."

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