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Dynamic Quest

"That device rocks."

Dynamic Quest is a Business Solutions Provider specializing in designing business processes, technology and marketing solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations around the country. With service offerings from network analysis, virtualization, disaster recovery solutions and consulting to branding, networking, websites and research, Dynamic Quest has hefty data security and storage needs.

Max Dinges of the IT Services team chose Cybernetics over the other alternatives for its superior price, features and specifications. "Your price point was significantly lower than most other devices, and your device is more feature-rich for the price than others I work with." Regarding space and speed, Dinges says the "ability to format the array in any raid set I wish and having 8TB raw was excellent." When asked how installation went for their new Cybernetics SAN unit, Dinges replies, "PERFECTLY!!! It was a cake walk setting up the RAID array, provisioning LUNs and connecting with the iSCSI initiator."

Once installed, the SAN solution continues to impress. Dinges cites the "simple interface that allows us to configure and partition the device simply. Everything is easy to find and work with. There were no surprises and everything just felt refined. I also like the ability to connect USB and tape drives to create backups. Other features such as snaps and replication are wonderful."

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