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Fowler White Burnett, P.A.

The Cybernetics SAN met the need for speed, as well as cost.

Fowler White Burnett, P.A. is a full service law firm and a nationally recognized leader in the areas of Aviation, Maritime and Healthcare. With offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, the Florida-based firm has provided client-focused, proven legal strategies and business solutions to domestic and international clients across a wide spectrum of practice areas for the past 70 years.

As the head information technology officer for the firm, with its three separate offices and 80 attorneys, Carla Ventrano has her work cut out for her. “I am the IT Director,” says Ventrano “And as I have a small team of three, including myself, I wear many hats.” Her primary role is the oversight of the organization’s network of 18 servers and 13 virtual servers.

The firm had initially purchased Cybernetics SANs in January 2011 to meet Fowler White Burnett’s growing data storage needs. “We were running out of backup storage space and were in desperate need of an increase in capacity,” said Ventrano. “We were in the process of creating a Sharepoint server farm. We needed storage space for the Sharepoint SQL Server, as well as the Sharepoint server itself.”

The IT team evaluated solutions offered by Dell, EMC, and HP as well as Cybernetics. Ventrano decided on Cybernetics, and she was thoroughly impressed by the superior performance and reliability. "The Cybernetics SAN met the need for speed, as well as cost." Her choice has proven to exceed her expectations. “I am extremely pleased with the performance of our SAN, so much so that I have since purchased two additional SANs from Cybernetics and I have not had any type of hardware issues out of any of them.”

In early 2015, to support a new objective Ventrano once again turned to Cybernetics. “As our firm is in the process of going paperless, we found the need for file storage capacity and, again, Cybernetics met this need.”

“I researched the SANs and I can say the performance of the units has been a ‘10’.” Ventrano said.

Summarizing her reasons for choosing Cybernetics over the competition, Ventrano said “I chose Cybernetics for several reasons…the ease of use and installation; the ease of creation of new volumes and the minimal time it takes to do it; the ease of expansion of a volume and the minimal time it takes to expand; the performance specifications were comparable to rival units; the price was extremely economical, and the customer service and knowledge of the agents.”

When asked to summarize her experience with Cybernetics, Ventrano could not say enough. "Cybernetics was not only able to meet the need and speed in a short period of time, it was also economical. I am well pleased with not only the Cybernetics SANs, but also with the customer service of the company…I was able to work with support and the unit was installed and ready for use within minutes,” said Ventrano. “Most sales reps forget your name after you ‘sign on the dotted line.’ I have the best sales rep…he has been responsive from day-one. He returns my phone calls, takes time to answer all of my questions and will provide me with any information I need.”

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