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Poplarville School District

“Many that we consulted hadn't heard of the brand, but those that had, owned it.”

Poplarville School District is a Mississippi-based school district serving children from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. They currently serve over 1900 students and over 300 staff. Benjamin Whatley, Jr., is the Network Manager for Poplarville School District, and is responsible for all network operations, plans, projects and purchasing. Benjamin wrote in to say this about why Cybernetics was the right choice for Poplarville School District:

"We chose Cybernetics for a wide range of reasons. Many that we consulted hadn't heard of the brand, but those that had, owned it. They claimed it was one of the best choices that they had made. It was a very manageable system. Cybernetics didn't have "software" limits that they make you pay to unlock like many other vendors, if the hardware could handle it, it was available. (This is a personal pet peeve of mine.)

"Probably the largest reason for our choice was simply cost. With new educational requirements for testing and online services, Poplarville pushes to be ahead of the game. In 2013 Poplarville needed to roll out a brand new virtual infrastructure with redundancy. Cybernetics was affordable enough that we were able to purchase TWO units with our available funds.

"Installation of the Cybernetics unit was a breeze. Management has been a piece of cake. I used to dread making changes to our old Dell Equalogic, but now it's a simple part of my daily routine. Secondly, when we had a problem with our Cybernetics unit (our error...not the unit), Cybernetics tech support was on the phone with us in minutes. Not only did he troubleshoot the unit, but he even worked with our VMWare installation to find our mistake. I felt like he went above and beyond to make sure our experience was nothing but wonderful.

"I would tell any prospective customer that Cybernetics should be their first choice. Don't purchase anything until they get a demo unit or come to our campus and look at ours!"

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