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"I have been very pleased dealing with Cybernetics. I hope to do much more business in the future."

Questeq is a technology management company in Western Pennsylvania that has been helping school districts and small businesses with the planning, installation and maintenance of hardware, software and networks since 1983. "We were previously a NetApp dealer, but the price point did not fit within the market we are working in," says John Sanderbeck, Questseq's Network Administrator. "This, coupled with the budget crunch in the schools we manage, has prompted us researching other SANs."

After examining EMC and Synology, among others, Sanderbeck decided on the popular Cybernetics small-to-medium business fit SAN solution as the perfect fit to manage their clients' Citrix Xenserver and 12 virtual servers: an entry-level SAN network storage solution that is easy to use and offers powerful features for a fraction of the cost of competing products. "So far it has been a great unit," Sanderbeck continues. "Depending on the performance needs, they may want to move to an enterprise solution, but I have not had any issues with the loads I have put on my SAN." Sanderbeck's Cybernetics unit delivers data at up to 500 MB/s and can sustain 150,000 IOPS, while the enterprise series provides transfer rates of up to 1.2 GB/s and 400,000 IOPS. Questeq is pleased with the performance of their Cybernetics SAN, noting the comparable speed to NetApp, and the lower price.

"I have been very pleased dealing with Cybernetics. I hope to do much more business in the future."

In business for over 34 years, Cybernetics builds data storage solutions noted for their exceptional performance and reliability. They are at the forefront of iSCSI storage networking technology with disk, tape, and virtual tape solutions that meet the challenges of the most demanding computing environments - with certifiable ROI.

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