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Red Rider Informatics

"When it comes to price/performance and reliability, Cybernetics is as big as all their competition."

Rick Perlstein knows a great deal when he sees one. As Vice President of Sales for Red Rider Informatics, he not only manages sales and sales personnel, he also consults and sells solutions to new and prospective customers. So when he began researching Cybernetics, he knew he'd found something special.

"We looked around at competitive products, tried other brands and experienced problems. Price, ease of installation, reliability in reverse order of significance are the features I am looking for in a solution. I try to keep networks as simple as I can for ease of management," says Perlstein. He selected one of the entry-level Cybernetics SAN solutions as well as one of the enterprise-level SANs and was instantly impressed. Setup and deployment are "very straight forward and intuitive," and Cybernetics Technical Support provides a "prompt response, accurate the first time".

"I lead with Cybernetics. I do not offer any competitors' products. I can support the Cybernetics product because I receive quality timely support from the manufacturer."

"They are reliable. Bottom line is that they work. Configured properly, these devices offer great performance, reliability, scalable architecture, as well as offering a competitive price." The Cybernetics small-to-medium business model is a popular entry-level SAN network storage solution that is easy to use and delivers data at up to 500 MB/s and can sustain 150,000 IOPS, while the iSAN® enterprise-level model is a more powerful SAN that provides transfer rates of up to 1.2 GB/s and 400,000 IOPS. Both series, and all Cybernetics' offerings, are backed by our free telephone technical support for as long as the original customer has the product in use.

"Keep doing what you are doing. I am sure I am not the only one satisfied with the combination of your product, service, and price point. I think it is the best deal out there. Bigger names are available, but when it comes to price/performance and reliability, Cybernetics is as big as all their competition."

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