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Seamless Solutions

"Our system is running better than ever before."

As a leading IT Solutions provider for the bustling Houston, TX metro area, Seamless Solutions services a thriving clientele with a vast array of unique technological demands. To take on this challenge, Jon Balter, COO of Seamless Solutions, needed a solution that was powerful, flexible, and easy to implement - and all while staying within budget.

Seamless Solutions selected the popular entry-level SAN network storage solution that is easy to use and offers powerful features for a fraction of the cost of competing products. "I price shopped this unit against Dell and EMC. Buying the Cybernetics was a 30% savings and I received more features." The Cybernetics SAN solution delivers data at up to 500 MB/s and can sustain 150,000 IOPS, and, explains Balter, "The product is easy to setup and deploy. It takes no special training to install and setup the unit." He continues, "Super easy. We had the unit installed and running in 30 minutes."

"Sales and Technical support has always been top notch."

Balter chose Cybernetics because of the great "functionality for the price". But that wasn't all. "Cybernetics is easy to deal with and fast at delivery. Our system is running better than ever before. Why train people to learn different systems when Cybernetics is easy to use and had more functions. ...It also has advanced features like snapshot and cloning that normally are add-ons [but] came with the [unit] for free."

Since 1978, storage and backup have been the sole focus of Cybernetics' engineering efforts, and many of the features taken for granted today trace their origins to Cybernetics' development teams. Cybernetics is so confident in the quality and performance of its products that all of its solutions are backed by free telephone technical support for as long as the original customer has the product in use.

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