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NAS Gateway

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iSCSI Disk Based Storage

The new miNAS® Gateway is a sleek 1U Windows file server module that extends support for Windows Active Directory, DFS, CIFS, and NFS to Cybernetics iSCSI SAN models – delivering SAN and NAS functionality and benefits in a single solution.

Our full-featured SANs replace direct attached storage with fast, centralized block level storage and block level data protection, while miNAS® replaces file and backup servers for file sharing and network-wide backup. You get a more efficient, multifunctional storage solution that's easy to scale as your storage requirements grow. It's easier to manage as well.

The miNAS® blade module can also perform as a centralized backup server, and optional third party backup software is available to manage backup and restore across the entire network. The miNAS® features Two GbE ports and optional SAS or SCSI ports. The miSAN® + miNAS® is a storage, file and backup server in one simple, intuitive solution.

  • Windows 2008 Storage Server
  • File Sharing
  • Active Directory, DFS, CIFS, NFS
  • Windows Snapshots
  • DFS File Level Replication
  • MPIO Support
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Tape Backup Supports Externally Attached SCSI Tape Drives and Libraries
Transfer Rate 300 MB/s
Cache 4 GB
System Type 1U
Recovery Drives CD/DVD
Network Interface 2 GbE Ports
Warranty 1 Year
Physical Dimensions 1U Rackmount
26.2" x 16.9" x 1.75"
Please allow 3" for cable clearance
Optional Connectivity SAS, SCSI, 10GbE
Storage Area Network (SAN) Disk Storage
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NAS Gateway
The iNAS is a sleek 1U Windows file server module that extends support for Windows Active Directory, DFS, CIFS and NFS to iSAN® Series models.
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Cybernetics Review

"miSAN has improved the efficiency of our backup operations immensely, and has been able to grow with our infrastructure." — UNCC

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iSCSI Disk Based Storage
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